L o a d i n g
www.Meta.So was acquired for a staggering $149,000.00

The seller of Meta.so, Nikul Sanghvi of Hypernames.co, confirmed the sale in a subsequent tweet on October 5, 2021. This was the largest reported .so domain sale of all time!

www.Meta.io sells for $100,000.00

Although the price was extremely low for such a trendy name, Meta.io was sold earlier this year, before the major name change by Facebook INC.

www.Christmas.com sells for a whooping 3.15 MILLION DOLLARS

As reported on DNJournal, Christmas.com was purchased by Gordon Companies which is a New York based, importing, retailing, wholesaling machine! Hmmm that's a good acquisition considering www.Voice.com sold for 30 million dollars!

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